Outrage 24 – How Recognizing Fear and Pain Can Heal Our Divided Society – Phyllis Leavitt

Americans are genuinely hurting, and they are looking for someone to speak to them and for them. In this episode of the Outrage Overload podcast, we speak with psychotherapist and author Phyllis Leavitt.

We discuss her new book, “America in Therapy” in which she describes the anger and division in American society, the importance of listening and understanding different perspectives, and the need for mental health education and awareness. Leavitt emphasizes the role of therapy in promoting healthy relationships and explores how these principles can be applied on a larger scale to heal the divides in our country.

Leavitt offers insights into the root causes of our country’s problems and provides practical advice on how we can heal the divides.

If you’re looking for a way to understand the challenges facing America and what you can do to help, this episode is for you.

Phyllis Leavitt’s life journey revolves around writing and a quest for profound connections. She explored diverse spiritual practices, healing modalities, and cherished nature and art. With over three decades in psychotherapy, her career culminated in retiring to focus on writing. Phyllis authored two books chronicling her spiritual odyssey and a new work on healing America’s divisions. Her wisdom emphasizes the interconnectedness of our well-being with our human environment. Residing in Taos, NM, she enjoys family, art, nature, and gardening. Her deepest hope is that her work contributes to healing our fractured society, nurturing peace, and fostering reconnection.


Phyllis E. Leavitt M.A.

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One response to “Outrage 24 – How Recognizing Fear and Pain Can Heal Our Divided Society – Phyllis Leavitt”

  1. There is a real failure in America as well as in many parts of the world to address the true needs of the people, including the basic human physical and psycho-social needs of health, safety and well being. We just are not focusing enough on care, compassion and empathy for all people. Instead we are focusing on selfish goals of accumulating money and power. We created a dysfunctional system of trying to satisfy selfish individual and corporate goals while abandoning the responsibility to meet the needs of all the people as a community of people. This is ultimately leading to resentment, anger , frustration and increasingly to despair, distrust and ultimately violence. Many people do not feel satisfied and secure . There is an underlying unease and uncertainty. There is a sense that the world is hostile , unpredictable and unsafe which is amplified in the media and the “outrage porn”. This is a primary source of fear and distrust which is leading to a disfunctional society that is searching for answers and comfort from potentially harmful sources. The answer is recognizing that there is this wider problem which has to change but that will be challenging and difficult. On a more personal basis at least in the meantime we can meditate the problems somewhat by stepping back to reevaluate our responses, realize that people are hurting, or sometimes traumatized and then try to listen to their voices. Make an effort to listen, understand and help and hopefully that care and compassion will be what becomes viral.

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