BONUS – Ninety-nine percent were so nice

Aired Feb 15, 2023

It was just another typical day for Elaine (not her real name), a busy mom, running errands and making stops along the way. She had just pulled up to the local ATM, feeling confident and safe in her own neighborhood. But as she began her transaction, she was suddenly accosted by a masked stranger who demanded as much money as she could withdraw. Elaine, terrified, complied.

Shaken but determined to warn others, Elaine took to the neighborhood social media site, Nextdoor, to post about the robbery and encourage her neighbors to be vigilant and take steps to keep themselves safe.

Little did she know that her innocent plea for caution would spark a firestorm of political outrage and victim blaming. Her story was quickly hijacked by those with an agenda, twisting the narrative to fit their own political beliefs and fanning the flames of division and rancor in the community.

What began as a simple call for safety had become something else entirely. Listen to the story: “Ninety-nine percent were so nice”

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