Outrage BONUS – 2023 Recap – Meet Austin Chen

The podcast has now been running for over six months and has covered a range of topics related to political sectarianism and the outrage industry. In this bonus episode, I speak with co-director and co-editor, Austin Chen, about key episodes, including interviews with experts like Peter Ditto, Jeffrey Berry, and Steven Rathje. We explore the role of moral superiority in political divide, the influence of social media on outrage, and the incentive structure that drives the outrage industry. We emphasize the importance of understanding different perspectives and engaging in productive conversations. We also encourage listeners to focus on local issues and take care of their own well-being.


Ep 1 – Peter Ditto

Ep 5 – Luke Berryman

Ep 7 – Jeffrey Berry

Ep 8 – Steven Rathje

bonus – Kevin Bass

Ep 10 – Alex Korb

Ep 17 – Tobias Rose-Stockwell

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