Outrage 018 – Why Building a Resilient Culture is Essential for Democracy – David Troy

In an era where disinformation and polarization can undermine the very foundations of democracy, it is crucial to go beyond surface-level analysis and address the underlying cultural factors that perpetuate these influences. Dave Troy sheds light on the concept of cultural depletion – a phenomenon that hampers our ability to build a society that can support the informed democracy we aspire to.

By examining the interconnectedness of information, relationships, and societal divisions, we’ll uncover the profound consequences on our collective well-being.

Listen in as we embark on a journey seeking innovative strategies and cultural solutions to build a better-informed society and safeguard the future of our democracy.

David Troy is a serial entrepreneur turned investigative journalist. He is a visionary thinker who examines complex issues through a unique lens. Dave offers a big picture perspective, employing a systems and network approach to understanding the roots and consequences of disinformation, polarization, and other threats to democracy.



Dave Troy site: https://about.davetroy.com/

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