Outrage 23 – What Baker’s Ideas on Media Can Teach Us About Democracy – Sanjay Jolly

C. Edwin Baker was a leading scholar of constitutional law, communications law, and free speech. His name is honored in numerous awards, scholarships, lecture series, professorships, and more.

Baker taught at University of Pennsylvania Law School from 1981 until his death in 2009.

Baker’s most influential work was his book, “Media, Markets, and Democracy,” which was published in 1997. In this book, Baker argued that the First Amendment should be interpreted to protect the public’s right to receive information from a diverse range of sources.

His insights are more relevant than ever, especially in a time when our emotions are being constantly stirred by media narratives.

I was lucky enough to connect with a special guest who’s well-versed in the works of C. Edwin Baker, Sanjay Jolly, J.D., University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Our conversation uncovers not only the complexities of media manipulation but also sheds light on the critical role of self-determination and equity in our democratic discourse.

Sanjay Jolly is the executive director of the Program on Law and Political Economy at Harvard Law School. He was previously C. Edwin Baker Fellow at the media reform organization Free Press and a Fulbright Scholar. Jolly has been a maker and advocate for social movement media in both the United States and Latin America, including as policy director of the Prometheus Radio Project.


The Program on Law and Political Economy at Harvard Law School

Sanjay Jolly | Annenberg School for Communication

Towards A Media Democracy Agenda: The Lessons Of C. Edwin Baker

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