Outrage 15 – How we can bridge political divides and reconnect with people around us – Hesha Abrams

America is a country that is deeply divided. The divisions are not just political, but also social, cultural, and economic. These divisions have been growing for decades, but they have become increasingly pronounced in recent years.

The divisiveness in America has also had a significant impact on our personal lives. Many people have reported feeling isolated and alone because they feel like they cannot talk to their friends and family about their political views. This isolation can lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems.

In some cases, the divisiveness in America has even led to the breakdown of relationships. People have reported losing friends and family members over political disagreements. 

I’m joined on this episode by a remarkable guest who has spent decades studying the art of conflict resolution and has developed practical tools for diffusing tension and promoting dialogue. 

She is an acclaimed author, speaker, and mediator, known for her unique approach to fostering understanding in even the most challenging situations.

So, get ready to gain some valuable insights and learn how we can all play a part in fostering a more harmonious and understanding society.

With over 30 years of resolving conflict and difficult problems, Hesha comes to the table as a world-renowned mediator, negotiator, and author. As an expert in dealing with conflict by implementing pragmatic solutions, Hesha’s innovative approach and thought-provoking solutions obtain favorable outcomes for even the most complex conflicts.

Hesha’s popular new book, Holding The Calm, shares her secrets of how to read a situation to solve problems, eliminate conflict, and restore harmony. Through inspiring stories, learn these secrets to resolve conflict and defuse tension.



Holding the Calm: https://www.holdingthecalm.com/

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