Announcing Connors Forum Partnership

We’re excited to announce that Outrage Overload has partnered with the Connors Forum to become a Connors Forum podcast. See announcement.

The Connors Forum for a Healthy Democracy is an initiative housed at Shippensburg University (part of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education) that seeks to disseminate high-quality nonpartisan information to the American public around issues of news literacy, societal well-being, and democracy promotion.

We join the flagship The Utterly Moderate Podcast, hosted by Lawrence Eppard, a researcher, university professor, and director of the Connors Forum. On each episode Eppard is joined by a guest (or two or three!) to help him understand important topics by focusing on just the weight of the empirical evidence and none of the unneeded opinions or political agendas.

Outrage Overload listeners are often looking for ways to better deal with outrage media and the Connors Forum offers many terrific resources, including a number of resources on news literacy which includes a comprehensive Guide to Trustworthy News Outlets.

We are honored to be associated with this distinguished organization and worthy cause.