How you can help support the podcast

I had no plans to request donations or contributions until the podcast was up and running with some traction but friends were starting to ask how to help so I created this page.

Please don’t feel obliged to do so but if you like the concept of the podcast and its mission, one way to help is donating.

Tee-Shirt Fundraiser

Ends November 13, 2022

Be part of the Outrage Overload True Fans club with your very own tee.

I’m doing this entire production myself; it’s a one man show. I am being very frugal and plan to keep expenses to a minimum. Some of the expenses paid or coming up include:

  • DAW software
  • Podcast hosting
  • Audio hardware
  • Zoom subscription
  • Studio prep (lighting/sound)
  • Music licensing
  • Transcription

And the “in my dreams” wishlist items include:

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max (video recording)
  • iPad Pro (for pouring through research papers)

There are lots of other ways to help as well:

  • Joining the mailing list
  • Sharing links and spreading the word to your social media contacts
  • Suggesting episode topics, papers, authors, articles
  • Making introductions to potential guests, authors, researchers
  • Other ways of helping with promotion, whatever you can bring to the table
  • Any other advice, council, and encouragement

But of course the most important support is simply becoming a listener.

You can always reach out to me on any of the socials below or email: