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Have an idea for us? We’d love to hear it.

Are you passionate about uncovering the science behind our everyday experiences, especially when it comes to understanding the complexities of human behavior and emotions in today’s politically charged world? Outrage Overload is your go-to podcast for deep dives into the world of political vitriol, the outrage industry, and the psychology behind why we react the way we do.

At Outrage Overload, we’re on a mission to decode the mechanisms driving societal anger and divisiveness. We bring together a diverse array of voices – from renowned authors and cutting-edge researchers to influential faith and community leaders – who have delved into the intricacies of outrage, its propagation, and its profound effects on our lives.

If you have groundbreaking research, a compelling book, or impactful work that sheds light on the outrage phenomenon and offers innovative solutions, we want to hear from you. We’re particularly interested in contributions that:

  • Analyze the dynamics of outrage porn and angertainment.
  • Explore the psychological and social consequences of political vitriol.
  • Present actionable insights for fostering constructive dialogue and understanding.
  • Highlight the role of media, technology, and community in shaping our emotional landscape.

Additionally, if you have an idea for an episode, a suggestion for a guest, or know of a book or research that you believe our audience should hear about, we welcome your input. Whether or not you are the author or creator, your suggestions are invaluable to us.

Join us in our quest to bring clarity and solutions to an often-polarized world. Pitch us your ideas, and together, let’s help our audience navigate the tumultuous waters of modern discourse with a scientifically grounded, solution-oriented approach.

A perfect guest…

  • Is willing to deep dive into topics with grace, dignity, civility, and humor
  • Has a topic they’re passionate about sharing with an audience
  • Has a topic of interest to the listeners
  • Can cover the material in a clear and easy to digest manner

It’s just a conversation

I prefer a conversational style, somewhat informal, with few rules. I’m not a professional TV or radio personality. I’m just a curious person speaking to an audience of curious people. You don’t need to be “media trained” or restrict your answers to two-minutes to be on my show. We don’t sell stuff. We educate and inform.

If this sounds like you, please reach out with your pitch on any of the socials below or email outrageoverload@gmail.com

Conversation Agreements

The following Conversation Agreements come from Living Room Conversations.

Be curious and listen to understand.

Conversation is as much about listening as it is about talking. You might enjoy exploring how others’ experiences have shaped their values and perspectives.

Show respect and suspend judgment.

People tend to judge one another. Setting judgment aside opens you up to learning from others and makes them feel respected and appreciated. Try to truly listen, without interruption or crosstalk.

Note any common ground as well as any differences.

Look for areas of agreement or shared values that may arise and take an interest in the differing beliefs and opinions of others.

Be authentic and welcome that from others.

Share what’s important to you. Speak from your experience. Be considerate of others who are doing the same.

Be purposeful and to the point.

Do your best to keep your comments concise and relevant to the question you are answering. Be conscious of sharing airtime with other participants.