Apply to be a guest on the Outrage Overload podcast!

We have two general types of guests on the podcast. First are featured guests, typically researchers, authors, or scientists, discussing particular research. We also have Man on the Street interviews for every day people. Learn more about Man on the Street interviews here. Continue reading for featured guest appearances.

Featured Guests

I’m looking for people that are a good fit for the podcast that bring relevant knowledge, can dive deep, and have a serious, thoughtful discussion – and still keep it fun and interesting.

I’m only asking for about 20-30 minutes of your time, weekdays, evenings, weekends, whatever works for you.

Great guests are authors and researchers as well as faith and community leaders with published materials connecting in some way to the outrage industry and outrage porn and associated effects.

A perfect guest…

  • Is willing to deep dive into topics with grace, dignity, civility, and humor
  • Has a topic they’re passionate about sharing with an audience
  • Has a topic of interest to the listeners
  • Can cover the material in a clear and easy to digest manner

If this sounds like you, please reach out with your pitch on any of the socials below or email