Outrage BONUS – How to Overcome Challenges in Challenging the Status Quo – Lawrence Eppard

In this episode of Outrage Overload, we explore the complex world of academic research and the implications of ideological conformity. Listen as host David Beckemeyer engages in a candid conversation with Dr. Lawrence Eppard, a renowned scholar who offers a unique and unfiltered perspective on this critical issue.

Professor Eppard brings firsthand experience to the table, having navigated the challenges of ideological conformity in academia. His insights provide a deeper understanding of the impact of this phenomenon on the pursuit of knowledge and the importance of fostering intellectual diversity.

During this thought-provoking discussion, we explore the following key topics:

  • The prevalence of ideological conformity in academia and its impact on research and teaching
  • The challenges faced by academics who dare to question the prevailing orthodoxy
  • The importance of intellectual diversity and its role in advancing knowledge
  • Strategies for fostering a more inclusive and open academic environment
  • The implications of ideological conformity for our mission of disseminating high-quality information

Join us for this enlightening conversation as we unravel the complexities of ideological conformity in academia and discover the crucial role of intellectual diversity in shaping our understanding of the world.

Lawrence M. Eppard is Associate Professor of Sociology at Shippensburg University. His areas of research include poverty, economic inequality, and racial inequities. He has recently co-authored a book titled The Poisoning of the American Mind, which explores the challenges of ideological conformity in academia and the importance of intellectual diversity.


Connors Institute

DR. LAWRENCE M. EPPARD Shippensburg University

The Poisoning of the American Mind Series

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