Man on the street Interviews

As part of my initial research into the outrage porn problem, to see if there might be something worth pursuing along the lines of a vlog or something, I started doing what I call these “man on the street” interviews where I ask people about their awareness of outrage media, how they have been impacted by it, news sources, social media consumption, and such, in as non-partisan a way as possible, in active-listening mode; I don’t argue, or defend any positions, or try to change anybody’s mind in these interviews.

I found these interviews extremely enlightening, talking with people across political and generational spectrums.

What started as a way for me to learn, turned into a segment on the podcast, kind of a micro-podcast within the podcast, which we call Street Outrage.

That’s where Street Outrage comes from. The interview content may appear here on the website, as a special bonus episode, or clips could be spread across episodes in Street Outrage segments. Guests can remain anonymous if desired.

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, click here to book an interview.