Man on the street Interviews

As part of my initial research into the outrage porn problem, to see if there might be something worth pursuing along the lines of a vlog or something, I started doing what I call these “man on the street” interviews where I ask people about their awareness of outrage media, how they have been impacted by it, news sources, social media consumption, and such, in as non-partisan a way as possible, in active-listening mode; I don’t argue, or defend any positions, or try to change anybody’s mind in these interviews.

I found these interviews extremely enlightening, talking with people across political and generational spectrums.

What started as a way for me to learn, turned into a segment on the podcast, kind of a micro-podcast within the podcast, which we call Street Outrage.

That’s where Street Outrage comes from. Unlike a featured guest, the entire interview won’t appear in a single episode. Clips could be spread across episodes in roughly 4-6 minute chunks. At some point, I might do a whole Street Outrage episode, collecting a lot of this in one place.

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, click here to book an interview.