Outrage 011 – Put your oxygen mask on first – Alex Korb

This is part-two of a two-part series on “The Neuroscience of Outrage Porn.” We’re talking with Dr. Alex Korb, a neuroscientist and best-selling author.

If you haven’t listened to part-one yet, it’s time to go listen because you don’t want to miss it.

In part one, we learned about some of the brain systems involved in processing outrage porn, that is, media and messaging intended to get us outraged or angry, often about politics, and how our need for social connection evolved to ensure our safety but in modern society sometimes gets in the way and contributes to tribalism, political polarization, and divisiveness.

In this episode of the outrage overload podcast, we continue that discussion and get further into some practical ideas for lowering the temperature.

Dr. Alex Korb is a neuroscientist, researcher, professor, and best-selling author of “The Upward Spiral: Using Neuroscience to Reverse the Course of Depression, One Small Change at a Time.” He has studied the brain for over 20 years. He earned his undergraduate degree in neuroscience at Brown University and completed a Ph.D. in neuroscience at UCLA. He has published over a dozen peer-reviewed journal articles on depression, neuromodulation, and other topics. He is currently a professor at UCLA in the department of psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences. As a consultant he works with companies and organizations to help them improve communication about neuroscience and enhance employee wellbeing. 


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