Outrage 32 – How Understanding, Not Outrage, Can Bridge Divides in Education – Ken Futernick

Aired Feb 14, 2024

Hear from Ken Futernick, educator-turned-podcaster on a mission to bring diverse voices together on “Courageous Conversations about our Schools.” This podcast tackles tough topics with empathy, curiosity, and a genuine desire to understand.

What you’ll hear:

  • Real-life examples of communities finding common ground on controversial issues.
  • Unflinching conversations about critical race theory, LGBTQ+ inclusion, and more.
  • A refreshing dose of hope that understanding can pave the way for a more connected education system.

Tune in to this special episode of Outrage Overload.

Ken Futernick is a life-long educator, writer, and educational consultant to schools, school districts, and policy makers across the United States.

As a professor of education, he taught courses to new and veteran teachers and conducted research on teacher retention, educational policy, and pre-service teacher education programs.

Futernick currently hosts Teacher Stories, a podcast he launched in 2018 that celebrates the profound and lasting impact many teachers have on their students and communities. In 2021, he launched Courageous Conversations about our Schools, a podcast that invites education stakeholders to listen to one another and to engage in respectful conversations about the controversies at the center of today’s culture wars in education.


Courageous Conversations about our Schools https://www.schoolconversations.org/

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