Outrage 34 – How Braver Angels is Lowering the Temperature in Political Conversations – Luke Nathan Phillips

Feeling the sting of political division? You’re not alone. In this episode of Outrage Overload, we dive deeper into finding common understanding with Luke Nathan Phillips of Braver Angels.

Braver Angels isn’t about forcing agreement or finding policy solutions. Instead, they focus on building understanding and respect across the political spectrum, even when viewpoints differ. Through workshops, debates, and online events, they aim to foster trust and empathy, helping Americans see each other as fellow citizens.

This episode explores the organization’s journey, from its workshop origins to its national reach. Explore the essence of depolarization work, understanding it’s not about eliminating conflict, but navigating differences while maintaining a sense of unity. Learn about the challenges and ongoing efforts to create lasting change, and discover how you can get involved in building a stronger, more united America.

Ready to break free from the echo chamber and build a bridge of understanding?

Luke Nathan Phillips is Publius Fellow for Public Discourse at Braver Angels, and represents the organization around Washington D.C.


Braver Angels

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One response to “Outrage 34 – How Braver Angels is Lowering the Temperature in Political Conversations – Luke Nathan Phillips”

  1. My biggest takeaway from this episode is that true depolarization isn’t about ending all disagreement, but about fostering empathy and respect even when viewpoints differ.

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