Outrage 37 – How Broken Trust is Poisoning American Democracy – Andreas Schedler

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Unpacking the Roots of Political Hostility

Our democracy thrives on civil discourse and the ability to find common ground. But what happens when trust breaks down and political divides become chasms?

In this episode , we sit down with Andreas Schedler, a leading political scientist who studies polarization in the United States and other contemporary democracies. Schedler’s groundbreaking research challenges the traditional view of polarization as simply a left-right issue.

Deeper Than Disagreement: A Crisis of Trust

Schedler argues that a fundamental reason for the hostility between political factions is the erosion of trust. People increasingly believe the other side is willing to sacrifice democratic norms to win. This perception fuels anger, resentment, and a dangerous lack of faith in the system.

Tune in for a thought-provoking discussion that sheds light on the roots of political polarization and the path towards a more unified America.

Andreas Schedler is a Senior Research Fellow at the Democracy Institute of the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest, Hungary. He is a leading political scientist who has extensively studied political polarization and its impact on democracy. His recent article, “Rethinking Political Polarization,” published in Political Science Quarterly, offers new insights into the deeper reasons behind political hostility in the United States.


Andreas Schedler (CEU)

Rethinking Political Polarization (Political Science Quarterly)

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