Outrage 38 – How to Rise Above Nasty Politics – Thomas Zeitzoff

In this episode, we engage in a thought-provoking dialogue with Thomas Zeitzoff, a distinguished professor in the School of Public Affairs. Zeitzoff’s expertise lies in political violence and psychology, with extensive research conducted worldwide, exploring the intricate dynamics of negativity in politics.

We dissect the concept of “nasty politics” and its ramifications on democracy. Zeitzoff sheds light on the various manifestations of negativity, ranging from verbal attacks to acts of violence, and examines the paradoxical allure it holds for politicians and voters alike.

Tune in to listen our insightful discussion and gain a deeper understanding of the impact of nasty politics on democracy.

Thomas Zeitzoff is an associate professor in the School of Public Affairs at American University.

He is an expert on a broad range of topics including political violence, extremism/terrorism, social media and politics, polarization, and political psychology. His country expertise includes the politics of Israel, Ukraine, and the U.S.


Thomas Zeitzoff (American University)

Thomas Zeitzoff (zeitzoff.com)

Nasty Politics book (Oxford University Press)

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