Outrage 40 – How to Combat Youth Radicalization Using Learning Psychology – Jack Wippell

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Are you concerned about the influence of extremism on young people online? In this episode, we explore the critical issue of online radicalization and explore how social and emotional learning (SEL) can be a powerful tool for safeguarding youth.

Alarming Rise of Online Radicalization

The internet has become a breeding ground for extremist ideologies, and young people are particularly vulnerable. Easy access to social media and extremist content creates a perfect storm for radicalization. Our guest expert, Jack Whipple, sheds light on this worrying trend and the factors that make young people susceptible.

Understanding Vulnerability to Radicalization

Jack dives deep into the psychology behind online radicalization. He explains how black and white thinking and the search for identity during adolescence can make young people more susceptible to extremist narratives.

The Power of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

But there is hope! Jack proposes social and emotional learning (SEL) as a potent weapon against online radicalization. SEL equips young people with critical thinking skills, empathy, and the ability to discern truth from misinformation.

Ready to Learn More?

Listen to the full episode for an interesting discussion on this critical topic. Jack Whipple shares his expertise and offers actionable insights to help safeguard young people in the digital age.

Jack Whipple is a PhD student in Sociology at Ohio State University, specializing in far-right extremism, radicalization, and terrorism. He leverages his expertise to consult with non-profit organizations and practitioners on these critical issues.

His prior research at think tanks in both the US and UK encompassed youth psychology, counter-terrorism strategies, and the impact of technology on these areas.


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