Outrage BONUS – How a Fun Game Reduces Political Polarization – Ashwin Rajadesingan

Our political landscape is fractured, fueled by misinformation and fear. We see “the other side” as a threat, leading to hostility and even violence. But what if there’s a way to bridge the divide?

In this episode, we speak with computational social scientist, Ashwin Rajadesingan, who has created an online game to reduce affective polarization: GuesSync!

In this episode of Outrage Overload:

  • We dive into the science behind the game and its powerful effects.
  • We explore the surprising results of the research and their implications for the future of civil discourse.
  • We discuss the potential of games as a tool for healing our divided nation.

Tired of the negativity? This episode offers a hopeful glimpse into a future of understanding and cooperation. Join us as we explore the power of games to change the game of politics!

Ashwin Rajadesingan is Assistant Professor
Department of Communication Studies in The Moody College of Communication at The University of Texas at Austin.

He is a computational social scientist and design researcher studying how people engage with politics online. He is interested in how online spaces can foster spirited, engaging political discussions and contribute to building a vibrant deliberative democracy. 


Ashwin Rajadesingan (University of Texas)

GuesSync!: An Online Casual Game To Reduce Affective Polarization

A Simple Online Game Can Help Bridge Political Divides (Center for Media Engagement, Moody College of Communication, The University of Texas at Austin

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