Outrage Bonus – How Negativity Bias Fuels Toxic Politics – Travis Monteleone

Discover how negativity bias contributes to toxic polarization in society in this episode of Outrage Overload. Travis Monteleone discusses his research on the addiction to negativity and how it influences our political views. Learn how negativity bias affects our perception of the world and discover practical ways to resist its influence. Monteleone also explores the importance of building trust and engaging with others to bridge the political divide. Join the conversation and find out how we can break free from negativity and work towards a more united society.

Travis Monteleone is a private equity investor and part-time writer. He has also volunteered for several depolarization organizations, including the Forward party, Braver Angels, and the Burke Paine Society. Monteleone has a deep interest in polarization and has worked to bridge the political divide through his writing and involvement in depolarization initiatives.


Is Toxic Polarization Caused by Our Addiction to Negativity? (Starts WIth Us)

Travis Monteleone’s Substack

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