Let’s resolve to “detox”

We know New Year’s resolutions are hard to keep. But we’ve got something much easier for you than hitting the gym or dieting. And, we dare say, more important (no offense to your fitness goals!).

For the New Year, would you be willing to make a resolution to do the 30-day Polarization Detox Challenge? The Challenge was created in partnership with Starts With Us expert-in-residence and conflict resolution scholar Dr. Peter T. Coleman, author of The Way Out. In a recent episode, he talked about why he created The Challenge and the successes he’s seen with it.

One recommendation: Consider doing The Challenge with a group of people, maybe a group of colleagues or maybe some family members. Some of the activities have options for talking to politically different people — so bonus points if you can get a politically diverse group together.

As 2024 begins, let’s all make a commitment to take a more active role in this movement — the movement of overcoming our toxic divides and creating a more functional, more solutions-oriented America.

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