Outrage BONUS – Why a Free Press Matters: Yevgeny Simkin’s Mission with Samizdat Online

David sits down with Yevgeny Simkin, the visionary founder of Samizdat Online, an anti-censorship platform reshaping the dynamics of information flow in autocratic regimes.

If you’re passionate about the intersection of human rights, technology, and information dissemination, this episode is a must-listen. Discover the parallels between historical self-publication mechanisms and the groundbreaking work of Samizdat Online. Gain insights into the role of social media giants in shaping the censorship landscape. Explore Yevgeny’s vision for a world where information is free-flowing, transcending political boundaries and fostering transparency.

Yevgeny (Genia) Simkin fled Soviet Russia as a child and has spent his life bouncing from music to comedy to software engineering. He is the co-founder and CEO of Samizdatonline.org—a free speech platform designed to facilitate the sharing of all journalistic endeavors unencumbered by government censorship.


Samizdat Online: Samizdatonline.org

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