Outrage 30 – Selling Fury: How Television Turned Outrage into a Commodity – Robert J. Thompson

The days of calm, measured news seem like a distant dream in today’s landscape of screaming anchors and endless outrage. But how did we get here? Join us as we embark on a fascinating journey through The History of Outrage TV with renowned media scholar Professor Robert J. Thompson.

Uncover the hidden roots of outrage: From the early seeds of sensationalism to the clickbait algorithms of the digital age, we’ll explore the evolution of anger in television news.

This isn’t just a history lesson, it’s a call to action. Are you ready to understand the forces shaping the information you consume? Are you tired of the endless negativity and yearning for a more productive media landscape? Then hit play and join the conversation!

Robert J. Thompson is founding director of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture and a Trustee Professor of Television and Popular Culture.

Thompson is the general editor of the Television and Popular Culture series published by Syracuse University Press.

Thompson is the author or editor of five books: “Television’s Second Golden Age” (Continuum, 1996); “Prime Time, Prime Movers” (Little, Brown, 1992); “Adventures on Prime Time” (Praeger, 1990); and “Television Studies” (Praeger 1989). He is now working on a history of television to be published by Blackwell.

Hundreds of radio and TV programs and publications have featured Thompson’s commentary, including CBS’s “60 Minutes,” “48 Hours,” Time, Newsweek, Fortune, TV Guide and Variety.


Robert J. Thompson (Syracuse University)

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