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I’ve been meaning to incorporate more Street Outrage conversations into the podcast. As you may know, The idea with Street Outrage segments is to bring the visceral to the academic. In regular episodes we hear from experts about various aspects of the science of outrage in our politics and culture. Street Outrage is where we hear from real people about how outrage and the outrage machine shows up in their lives.

These bonus Street Outrage episodes will be in addition to the regular episodes with featured guests. If they’re not your cup of tea and you just want to stick with the regular Outrage Overload format with experts from various backgrounds, you can always skip over these Street Outrage bonus episodes and never miss anything in terms of the regular episodes, which continue to come out regularly every couple of weeks.

So with that, get ready for a different format in this episode. I plan to do more episodes like this so give me your feedback.

Do you often find it difficult to voice your opinions and express yourself freely due to a fear of being constantly corrected and filtered? Well we are the Unfiltered Trio! A trio of women who aim to revive candid and unadulterated conversations offering you three different perspectives. We’re bringing back difficult and thought-provoking conversations.



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