Outrage 012 – How relationship counseling can help us heal political divisions – Tiffynee Terry Thomas

Some scientists have made the analogy that our left / right politics in the United States are like a toxic marriage. In our opening series about political sectarianism, UC Irvine psychologist Peter Ditto, told us to buckle up:

We’re in a very tenuous situation and it’s not one of these things that’s gonna resolve itself. It’s just gonna be, we’re in it. This is the fight. This is the ugly sort of toxic marriage we’re in and we can’t really get divorced and so, you know, buckle up.

So I thought we could lean into this analogy.

Experts tell us Communication is an essential part of any healthy relationship; and this is especially true in a toxic marriage. That seems simple enough, but with the animosity as high as it is, it’s really hard to do in practice.

I’m going to ask you to stay with me as we try a mental exercise with a different kind of expert.

Tiffynee Terry-Thomas is a clinical sexologist and relationship coach. In her work, she holds up a mirror to her clients, encouraging them to see themselves, to get uncomfortable, and to commit to change. She is a top-selling author of the book, “Sis is it you? Discovering Self Revelation”.


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