Outrage BONUS – Sorry Guys, We Stormed the Capitol – Ben Hamilton

January 6th was a pivotal moment in recent history. The United States Capitol was breached. We all remember watching in disbelief as the scenes unfolded on our television screens, forever etching themselves into our collective memory.

In this episode, we have a truly special portrait, one like you’ve not seen before. We are privileged to sit down with Ben Hamilton, a former high school history teacher turned author and creator of the Chasing History project.

Ben brings a unique firsthand account of that fateful day, offering us new insights that have yet to be fully explored.

In his latest book, “Sorry Guys. We Stormed the Capitol,” Ben gives us a ground-floor view of the Capitol breach, revealing the complexities and motivations that drove some individuals to participate in this unprecedented act.

Throughout our conversation, we’ll hear Ben’s eyewitness reports and first hand analysis into the mindsets of those involved. Prepare to have your preconceptions challenged.

Ben offers a glimmer of hope in an age often marred by emotional narratives, encouraging us to engage in thoughtful, complex conversations that transcend the noise.

So let’s dive into this eye-opening conversation with Ben Hamilton, on the ground on January 6.

Ben Hamilton is a passionate history enthusiast, certified history teacher, and author with a unique perspective on some of the most significant events in recent history. As a witness to the January 6th Capitol attack, he brings a first-hand account of the events. Ben taught high school history before pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming an author. His Chasing History project aims to create credible firsthand accounts of historical events for future generations. Through his work, Ben seeks to encourage critical thinking and a deeper understanding of the past to shape a better future.



Chasing History Project:

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