What does “woke” suggest to you?

The term ‘woke’ has become increasingly divisive in recent years. Some people use it to describe a positive shift in consciousness, while others use it to describe a negative shift towards political correctness and censorship.

As a non-partisan political science communicator, I believe it is important to listen to all sides of the debate and to understand what the term means to different people. I am asking you, as a regular voter, to describe what the term ‘woke’ means to you.

Your answers will help me to better understand the different perspectives on this issue and to communicate more effectively to my listeners about it.

What do you hear when Ron DeSantis says “Florida is where woke goes to die?”

Please submit your audio response using the following form.

Note: I don’t have a “gotcha” podcast. If I use the audio on the show, I won’t use your name, unless you request I do so. If you want a shout-out, let me know in the audio clip.